About us, a little history...

Wayne achieved a Private Pilot Certification in 1959 and went on to get a Commercial Pilot and Helicopter ratings, A&P and IA Mechanics License. He started McDermott Enterprises, Inc and Ideal Helicopter Service in 1960 and has been flying ever since which has included many various jobs with helicopters. He did a trapeze act, sprayed crops, pollinated corn, defrosted crops. He's also a Helicopter Instructor and flew students for many years. He's done Forest Fire Contracts in Minnesota, New Jersey, and Wisconsin.

In 1990 Wayne developed an Airpark in Sullivan, WI and named it "McDermott Airpark". In 1992 Wayne and his wife built a new home there on the airport. Ideal Helicopter Service is still based there on the airport.

The McDermott's recently built a new home in Buckingham Airpark, in Fort Myers, FL where they reside. They also developed an adjoining Airpark called "Buckingham Airpark West" which includes over 100 Hanger Home lots.

Wayne is presently flying a 3 year contract for the Army in Fort Stewart, GA, doing Prescribed Burning of the bombing ranges, and control burning of the rest of the base. This year he also did prescribed burning at Fort Jackson, SC. Wayne has a Cessna P210 airplane in FL that he flies up to GA when called to work.

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